Apr 6, 2008

Sringtime in the Air

Ah, finally. I'm seeing the signs that Spring is finally coming to my fair state. And while this particular season is the most coquette of the four in Wisconsin, it also inspires our inhabitants like none other.

Friday, as I grabbed my winter jacket for yet another commute to the place of employment, there was a hint of moderate tempature in the air. The heart soared as I passed Miller Park the home of our own Milwaukee Brewers. It was opening day at the park and the fans were out at seven thirty in the morning, complete with painted faces, colorful wigs, baseballs and mitts. A happy beginning to the end of the work week.

Even better was Friday evening. Another true sign of Spring has always been the beginning of the Author Event season and ours began on Friday. Steven Sidor came to Mystery One for his new book THE MIRROR'S EDGE. As a big fan of THE BONE FACTORY, I cannot wait to dig into my signed copy but I've been warned, it's one to read during the daylight hours. Any book that scares our friend Richard is going to be a great read.

Yesterday I awoke and Spring was reenforced two fold. A sweater was enough of an outer layer, the mercury crept to sixty and we were off to a double signing. Libby Fischer Hellman (EASY INNOCENCE) and Cara Black (MURDER IN THE RUE de PARADIS) were on the last day of their dual tour . Both books are outstanding and their authors? "Comple`tement de la grace et du talent" as Aimee might say.

So while friends from far and wide gathered a thousand miles to the east for Noir Con, here in Wisconsin there was a touch of light last experienced in September. Spring really is a time to go and visit your favorite authors on tour. Check out your local bookstores and libraries to see who's coming. An off the top of my head list of folks on the road right now or in the near future includes Nevada Barr, Laura Lippman, Jim Butcher, Ace Atkins, Peter Robinson, Dan Fesperman, Anne Perry, Harlan Coben, and debut author Hannah Dennison. Steven is just beginning his tour and Libby and Cara both have several events left on their schedule individually.

Nothing makes the road trip worth it like a good turn out at an event

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