Sep 13, 2008

Jesus of Cool

I spent my birthday gift certificate on CD's. It was really good timing because one of my all time favorite albums has just been re issued on disc.

Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool

I originally bought this as an import record way back in the late 70's. A local radio station played imports on Sunday nights and they played a track called "I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass", the song hooked me right off and I had to have it.
The rest of the album is great too, and the new version also features bonus tracks including the demo version of "Cruel to be Kind".
A couple real stand outs on this are Little Hitler and 36 inches High. Great lyrics and a nice new wave pop rock blend backing.

"So It Goes" is also a hypnotic cut and it has a wonderfully cool chorus.

I think this should be a must own for every fan of great music.

I also bought a few other albums.

Joe Jackson's Rain

CD comes with a bonus DVD with interviews and live performances and a tour of Berlin. Very fun.

The music is great. It's a bit of a flash back to Night and Day with a little Look Sharp added. Jackson has never stopped growing as a musician and this latest release is amazing. His vocals are spot on and his high notes still give me chills. The fact that he's playing with a trio really lets the piano stand out and the drums seem a bit more prominent. Uptown Train is a favorite of mine, very jazzy and cool.
If you are fan you really need this.

Ray Davies -
Working Man's Cafe

I love the Kinks, and as a result I love all their solo stuff too. Ray Davies is a genius of songwriting and this album was written after a tour of the states that started less than two weeks after 9/11. He had to do the tour by car and he really got a good look at our country.
Wonderful tunes and again, a bonus DVD with Ray's home video from the tour.

Alice Cooper -
Along Came a Spider

Joe Konrath let me know this was out. He said it was great and I agree.
Alice doing another theme album, one long story in songs. This time out it's about a serial killer.
This album rocks and I love the music. After a couple listens I realized how creepy some of the lyrics are. I can't stop listening to this and now I want to see him live, again.Classic Alice Cooper.


John McFetridge said...

I saw Alice live last year and it was great. His band is fantastic.

And his daughter was the dancer.

If you get a chance, Alice still rocks.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Alice Cooper rocks.

I've seen him numerous times and want to again.

He has written some of the classic rock songs of all time. i don't sing along to School's out, I cream along. From the Inside still gives me chills.

And this new album is just plain amazing.

Anonymous said...

I live in Arizona and Alice is quite a fixture out here. I see him all of the time. I was in a small diner once a few years ago, and was talking music with some friends of mine. Suddenly, a familiar voice chimed in on our comments, and I looked over, and there was Alice, sitting about 10 feet from me. His daughter was next to him (they were booths across from each other), so I didn't see him. We ended up spending the rest of the lunch session just talking back and forth, between tables, about current music.

He's probably one of the nicest guys that you could ever meet. Not at all like his stage presence.

A great artist as well.