Dec 30, 2008

Ken Bruen Zippo Contest

Win A Ken Bruen Zippo

Ok here's the Deal. The wonderful David Thompson at Busted Flush has sent us a box of these really cool zippos. We are going to give them away if you can answer some questions. We will take all the entries with the right answers and do a drawing for the winners. We want the entries by January 25th. Answers can be found on the Busted Flush Website, the Crimespree Magazine Website, and Ken's Website.
Email the answers to

Good luck.

1) What 6 works are collected in A FIFTH OF BRUEN?

2) Ken has three books co written with which author and what are the names of the books?

3) What is the name of the book with Reed Farrel Coleman coming out this year co written with Ken?

4) According to his bio at Crimespree Reed lives where?

5) What are the names of the two Anthologies from Busted Flush to date?

6) Who did Reed interview in issue 17 of Crimespree?

7) David Thompson also works at a bookstore. Give me the website address of the store.

8)On Ken's website there is an interview linked as "Rattlebag". Who does the interview with Ken?

9) Name two of the authors who gave blurbs for Busted Flush's rerelease of MIAMI PURITY

10) According to Ken's news page what two Sapnish awards did he win?

Ok, that's the lot. Good luck!

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