Jan 29, 2009

TV Shows - new to me

Over the cold weather months I tend to slow down and do very little moving. I prefer to be under a big comforter and immobile. To this end we often pick up DVDs of television shows that we haven't seen. There's a few things I'm now a fan of.

My brother in law Peter let me borrow season one of House. I'd never watched before but knew I would love or hate it. Well, I really like it. Hugh Laurie is great in the lead role and I love the snarky attitude. The supporting cast is great too. Even the weaker episodes have some quality that make them enjoyable.

I also just watched How I met Your Mother for the first time. After plowing through all of season one (and ordering two and three) I have to admit that I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. I can really relate to a lot of what is going on and the characters feel like people I've known. It's a nice comedy with a enough drama to keep it from feeling forced. and again, great cast.

I am also now a fan of Everybody Hates Chris. Chris Rock has always made me laugh but this show is loads of fun. I find myself actually liking Chris Rock more even though all he does is narrate. It's set in the mid eighties, when Chris was still in school, season 2 is 8th grade. His family lives in a black neighborhood, but his Mother has hin going to a white high school. being the only black kid there seems to have had a bit of an impact on him. The results are a riot. I also have to give Chris Rock props for the guest stars he has on the show. The episode with Jimmy Walker and his grandfather was great. Even Richard Lewis shows up, it seems to be a who's who of people who influenced him and his comedy.

Two other shows that are limited to one set each are Lost Room and Wonderfalls.

Wonderfalls is a charming show about a girl who is a slacker on purpose because she wants no stress. Due to circumstances beyond her control she ends up helping people. Actually its because inanimate objects talk to her. Trust me here. Good stuff.

Lost Rooms is a kind of supernatural detective scavenger hunt with Peter Krause (of Dirty Sexy Money and Six Feet Under). He plays a cop who has a daughter go missing because of a key he finds. A key that can open any door onto any destination he chooses. 5 episodes and it wraps up. Very cool.

Ok, so now back to work on the March/April Crimespree.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what your thoughts are on harder edged TV shows but I caught quite a few over the Holidays.

Sons of Anarchy Season 1 was an excellent take on the comings and goings of a family of bikers.

The Shield (Season 7) went out with a bang not a whimper.

And I watched the first episode of The Beast. Patrick Swayze was at death's door while shooting season 1 (and probably still is) and I found it to be compelling enough to continue watching.