Mar 3, 2009

The late night wars ?

I'm not sure why they called it that the first time, and I don't know if it really is one this time.
Leno on at 9:00 pm.... Ok, no NBC for me.
Letterman is still good, but I think a bit past his prime.

So who do I think is the king of late night TV?

CRAIG FERGUSON hands down.
He's funny, he's smart, he makes his guests feel great, and almost always makes them laugh. He's even well read. he has had a lot of authors on the show and he's actually read the books. Ferguson is a man having fun and making sure everyone near him is having fun with him. The man should have a three hour show every night.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Sadly, the risque comedy will keep in the time slot he's in.

Sean Chercover said...

I'm with you - the best thing on late-night television, by a mile. The man cracks me up.