Jul 28, 2009

Vanished by Joseph Finder

Aug 18th 2009
St. Martin’s Press

Joseph Finder is a name familiar to most readers, as well he should be. In VANISHED, we are introduced to Nick Heller. Remember the name. Heller is Finder’s new series character and I predict he will very shortly be mentioned in the same breath as Reacher and Bosch.
Our introduction to Nick comes as he is working a case in LA for a global security company. He’s tracking down a missing shipment for a transport company, and even though he solves the case he wants to know more. My kind of protagonist. He returns to home base in Washington DC when he gets a distress call from his nephew. Nick and his brother Roger don’t get along very well anymore, but he loves his nephew Gabe. Gabe’s parents were attacked, brother Roger is missing and sister in law Lauren was left in a coma. Heller looks into the disappearance and very quickly realizes something is really off. Unexplained extra phones, wiped clean laptop, and a lot of misdirection. Someone with a long reach is behind this and Heller will do anything to keep his family safe.
I finished the first chapter and actually said “Damn” out loud. Pack a lunch and bring some caffeine, because once you start this journey into Heller’s world you ain’t leaving till the book is done. The skills Finder brings to this book are like watching an all star team step onto a field to take on a little league team.

As an added bonus there is an 8-page promotional comic written by Brian Azzarello that ties into the story. (Look Here for details)I never thought I would say this, but, if you only read one book this summer, make it VANISHED.
Jon Jordan

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If you send me a photo of you holding this book, I'll pick a 5 winners to get a copy of THE COWL, a comic that ties into the story.


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Bloody great book Jon, our tastes are the same!


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