Sep 26, 2009

Crimespree Issue 32

After a slight hiccup with some printing problems, Crimespree issue #32 will be at the mailing service ready to roll out into the world on Monday

If I say so myself it looks like a great issue.

We have our first ever sideways cover!

There are also some great interviews and articles plus all the regular features.

From the Editor by Jon Jordan
Q & A with Jamie Freveletti by Dana Kaye
Hey It’s Ayo - Akimitsu Takagi
Jason Pinter Interviewed by a Jerk
Fiction – Daughters by Nathan Walpow

Cover Story -
Bruen and Coleman Interviewed by Gabriel Cohen

Robert Ward Interviewed by Jon Jordan
City of Hearts, City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley
Interview with Mike Carey by by Jon Jordan
A Touch of Paris by Margot Justes
I Love You Jonathan A Turner by Steve Hockensmith
Interview with Rick Geary by Jon Jordan
Dialogue With Declan (Declan Burke)
Reed Farell Coleman column
Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson Interviewed by Jon Jordan
Craig’s Joint (Craig McDonald)
Sunshine and Crime from Michael Lister
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
DVD Reviews
The Sixty Year Old Virgin from Lenny Kleinfeld
Crimespree On Tap featuring Anthony Neil Smith
Footprints: Dorothy Uhnak by Ruth Jordan
Interview with Adrian McKinty by Ruth Jordan
Buzz Bin
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Cooking With Crimespree featuring JT Ellison

So if you need a subscription or you need to renew shoot over to here:
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Kieran Shea said...

so, there'll be copies to pick up for a few sheckles in indy, right? looking forward to the robert ward interview, what a swell cat.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

We will have a few stacks of Crimespree in Indianapolis at Bouchercon. T shirts too.

And maybe cookies......