May 6, 2010

Great New Wine - Limited Time!!!!!!!!

Last summer Ruth and I along with a few friends had a booth at the Chicago Comic Con.  Among the people we had at the booth signing was Raymond Benson.  Imagine my surprise when Friday morning he comes over to the table and introduces us to a friend of his, Cathy St. George.,  Cathy was a Playboy playmate and was among the celebrities signing at the convention.
We had a chance to go to dinner with Cathy and Raymond along with Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant Saturday night and we had a blast. Cathy and Raymond were telling stories all night and it really was a great group to have dinner with.
We recently found out that Cathy is the first of a group of Playmates to be featured by a new line of wines with their names on the wine. It seemed like a natural to include it in our feature on beer and wine. because we don’t know too many people with their own brands!
Raymond Benson was nice enough to do a review for us of the wine:

I first noticed Cathy St. George when she was Playmate of the Month, Miss August 1982, in Playboy Magazine.  Little did I know then that one day we would be good friends.  In the 1990s, when I was writing the James Bond novels and short stories, I met dozens of Playmates through my connections at Playboy, Cathy included.  Now, nearly twenty-eight years later, Cathy remains beautiful—on the inside as well as outside.  Thus, it is fitting that she is able to launch her signature wine in three varieties.  The 2006 Pinot Noir is silky smooth with polished tannins and lively strawberry and cherry flavors, while the lingering finish is reminiscent of cherries and vanilla.  The 2009 Pinot Grigio has hints of lemon, apple and orange blossom aromas.  The flavors tend toward the clean fruit flavors of apple and citrus.  My favorite, the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, shimmers with a dark ruby color and dazzles the nose with spiced cherry, violets and cassis.  Black cherry and dark bittersweet chocolate flavors are followed by dusty cocoa and medium tannins.  Recommended for all wine connoisseurs who appreciate…beauty!
  --Raymond Benson, author of THE UNION TRILOGY and upcoming CHOICE OF WEAPONS

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