Jun 7, 2010

Back Issue Blow out

From now till the end of July to celebrate 6 years of Crimespree all backs issues will be on sale.
Buy two or more and they are only $3 each, including shipping. (US Only, Outside US we nave to charge shipping)

Some issues have limited copies left.

So take a look and see if there are any issues you need or want and drop a line to:
Jon at crimespreemag.com

1 comment:

Nigel Bird said...

hey guys, what a brilliant idea and an uber bargain. i'm gonna get myself a couple, including the one i've not managed to get hold of yet, just because it thrills me to see my work on the page. i'll get it sent to my brother in the states and maybe that will work. 6 years is a hell of a long time to keep something like crimespree going (my mag, Rue Bella, only managed 5). hats off dudes and here's hoping we whup your asses in the footie (soccer).