Aug 11, 2010

Victor Gischler at Crimespree Booth

Just who is this Victor Gischler? Where does he come from, what does he do?

And can I buy him a beer? (YES)

Mrs. Crimespree and I first met Victor Gischler back in 2001 at a crime fiction convention in Washington DC. He was hanging out with folks from a publisher called UGLYTOWN (Jim Pasco and Tom Fassbender). They were getting ready to publish his first book GUN MONKEYS. Jim's hair was green so he stood out a bit. Also with them were Sean Doolittle and Anthony Neil Smith, both awesome crime writers in their own right.
Upon meeting Victor we like him at once, mellow, relaxed and funny as Hell. We would go on to see more of Victor at events and conferences and we would read each of his books. My favorite is PISTOL POETS. He's also written SHOTGUN OPERA, SUICIDE SQUEEZE, GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE, VAMPIRE A GO-GO and most recently THE DEPUTY fro Tyrus Books.

In the past few years a lot of my crime writing pals are starting to write comics as well. This is great for me as I love comics. Victor started with a couple one shots, Punisher comes to mind, and was soon doing Deadpool, a run on Punisher and now he's writing X-Men. In the Punisher and Deadpool in particular you can really see Victor's touch. His sense of humor and his wonderful dialogue.

We were thrilled when he agreed to come up to Chicago for Chicago Comic Con. He'll be around Friday and Saturday , including a Q&A with fellow crime writer Sean Doolittle on Saturday. Stop by and see him, you'll be glad you did.

To find Victor on the Web just go here:

Victor is also doing a signing Friday night at Challengers in Chicago.

The photo to the left was taken by David Hale Smith

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