Sep 1, 2010


I was very excited when I opened my e-mail last week. Would you like to read an original short story from Charles Todd featuring Bess Crawford... Well ... yes.

For the next two weeks you can download THE GIRL ON THE BEACH for free. You should be able to find it through your favorite on-line retailer or here on Amazon.

This is a gem of a story, it brought me back to the short stories of mystery's "golden years" with a decidedly contemporary twist. Bess is a nurse who's been on the front in WWI. Home in Great Britain she finds a dead body on a secluded beach....

For those who read last year's AN IMPARTIAL WITNESS, it's another piece of Crawford's life. Something to tide us over until the next book. If you've been a fan of the Todds' other series featuring Ian Rutledge this will wet your whistle.

Bess is an extremely independent young lady living in the years of WWI, almost the flip side to Rutledge, a man haunted by his war experience and using a series of coping mechanisms to allow him to function.

Welcome Bess to the mystery world!! Here's the link again . Enjoy!!

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