Oct 21, 2010

Bouchercon 2010

We have attained Bouchercon!

Touchdown SFO. A moment that turned into one of the best nights of my life provided by Cara Black & hubby. Such a treat to meet the Mister and to be able to say we love Ms. Black's husband.

Jon did, as I expected him to, fall in love with this city he'd never seen.

One fantastic couple leads into the next. The City by the Bay. A leisurely walk in unexpected tropical temps. Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant. Two extraordinary writers we cannot imagine without one another and thankfully never have to. Friends first; there was a lot of eye rolling on the girls part as Jon and Andrew picked up post cards and license plates. When we hit the bridge at a perfect sunset, the four of us were bonded forever, and yet, we all took to Twitter. Giggles ensued for the gals. Boys are much too dignified for giggles.

From there, well, it's Bouchercon. The whole darned thing blew up. Mystery and imagination were available everywhere along the Embarcodaro. There was Opening Ceremonies. there were awards. There were tears. The panels and guest interviews were carefully crafted.

What panels there were. OMG does not cover it. I went to more panels this Bouchercon than any since my first. I would have not missed them. The play put on by Declan Hughes and his friends was my favorite. A little different, a little new. Oh, so watchable.

My own panel went well and it was a joy to reintroduce Janet Dawson to the community. At the same time I had the privilege to introduce future luminaries Jamie Freveletti, Andrew Grant and Matt Hilton. Well, since Jamie had won the Barry by this time, maybe there was no "future".

Up and down the stairs, escalators and elevators at the hotel we all embraced crime. I had moments with heroes and moments with friends. I caught up with favorite and "never met before" deities of the everyday. I saw two folks who I love get agents. I saw four folks get new publishers. I saw a boatload of folks win awards.

I got to introduce Eddie Muller to Bill Link. I witnessed Greg Rucka meeting Duane Swiercynsky. I met Med Gardiner. I met many new writers for the very first time in person. Even more I met people whom I'd only known though the internets. I met Marjorie Tucker!! Pop Culture!! the list goes on.

And there was Val. I'm fairly possessive of Ms. McDermid. Always have been. we shared a rather unique experience early on and certainly one this past weekend. I'd always known, but was extremely gratified to find that she commanded respect from every corner. Val McDermid is the best; writer, attendee, comic, friend.

Huge whoo!! for Lee Child. His book, WORTH DYING FOR, was not readily available in Bouchercon's book-room. Yet here he was, throwing a party for 1500 people he knew and making sure everyone else knew it too. This Sunday Morning we all have a date with CBS. 7:30 Eastern Time. (raised eyebrows) I did already mention you should buy the book?

My true shero of this con?

McKenna Jordan. Much as I'd like to claim to be her sister by marital bloodline, I cannot. I will, if she allows, claim her as a sister.I know she's a friend. Here, now? I'll echo the solidarity of this past weekend, "We're so glad you came. It meant a lot to everyone."

Rae Helmsworth has evolved from mere Goddess to Hera in the rapid blink of an eye. Nobody else would have made Bouchercon fold into the fabric that is San Francisco as seamlessly. That she did it with elegance,grace and far more class than those before, it is a testament to the crime fiction and mystery at large communities. Thank you Rae for nurturing something we both love.

My husband did and so did my Co-Chair from '08, Judy Bobalik. Me? No credit. Isn't it nice to know there are people as involved in mystery as you are?

Bless us all and here's to St. Louis!

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CBS Sunday Morning airs at 9et/8ct.