Jun 22, 2011

Three Crime Fiction writers - 1 character- THE PUNISHER Volume 6

In the last few years a number of our favorite crime fiction writing dudes have been branching out into comics.
One book that a number of them have worked on is THE PUNISHER from marvel comics.

They have collected the various issues all into one lovely and large hardcover edition THE PUNISHER VOLUME 6.  (Amazon has it at a wonderfully affordable price of $24.26)

Hurwitz, Gischler and Sweirczynski aside from having hard to spell names each have a different take on the character and they were able to inject their own writing sensibilities into the runs they did on the comic.

Hurwitz does a tale that is similar to the actual Juarez Murders, set in Mexico the Punisher stands up for the little guys and gets some payback for people who can't on their own

Victor Gischler take ol' Frank Castle down the the Bayou in a twisted Punisher version of Deliverance. Good Ol' boys getting their asses handed to them in a swamp, FUN STUFF!

And Duane Does a wonderful race the clock story which bring Frank to Duane's stomping grounds in Philadelphia.Another classic crime fiction spin to a Punisher tale.

If you dig crime fiction and or/dig the Punisher you need this book.

Go get yourself some Here!

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