Jan 10, 2005

Fantastic Four

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This weekend icluded my spending a fair amount of time reading comics. I read a series I haven't read before called Marvel Knights 4. Marvel comics has a line of titles that are a little more real, a little more gritty and they have a fantastic four title in there with Punisher and Daredevil.And it rocks. The first trade collection starts out wth the imaginauts known as the fantastic four going broke. It proceeds to show how they deal with it in a very real manner. Ver well done stuff.

And While I'm mentioning comics,

Gary Phillips has a new series from Dc's Vertigo line. Angel Town. I've read #1 and 2. Awesome urban western PI stuff. And really hip art as well. Check it out!!!! A ball player wanted for questioning in a murder case, his lawyer hires Nate Hollis to find the missing basket ball star before the cops do. If I had to attach a noir name to it , I'd call it graphic urban hip noir......


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