Jan 5, 2005

Guest blogger, my wife Ruth!

Blogging… in a guest capacity. See I’m of the opinion that if I do it one time only and talk politics… well, that will be the end of people wanting me to blog..

So, happy holidays to all, and thank you to all who sent cards, e-mails, prezzies and Christmas music. As the readers of this blog know well, perhaps too well, I love Christmas and if anyone out there feels the need to spend three hours of time to make caramel ala Dewitt , or 12 minutes for microwave fudge e-mail me; I’m happy to oblige.

And now…. What an interesting season it has been. Long ago, Summer 2001… Jon and I were walking along Prospect Ave. talking with a friend who happens to write books… the discussion? The imminent threat of a terrorist act. Four months later supposition by forensics experts and local police had become history. We all know the date.

We all know that something fundamental has to change. Is the answer a puppet who answers to perhaps one of the most evil personages of the last century and who has now been allowed the power to formulate the direction of U.S. policy in the new century? No. And yet, that is what has happened. An American election where the incumbent clearly won … or did he? Were any of us surprised?

There is hope. Already Mr. Dean from Vermont has promised never to run again for the opportunity to try and realign the Democratic Party. I for one believe this to be the sincere promise of a Vermonter to his country.

Okay, I’m a sincere Vermonter too. Therefore, this typing? Bias. Let’s look. Americans have pretty much isolated themselves. Remember Japan? You all saw Shogun. Are we better than anyone else out there? Do we have the right to decide? Not on your life. The one thing we had going for us before G.W. was our surplus budget. Gone. There was, to an extent, a trust. Between America and its allies, there was the fundamental idealogy that the U.S. would not crap
on its neighbors. Well we have. Repeatedly. Now the U.S. faces bankruptcy to help with the tsunami victims. Therefore every television station in the nation is having a telethon tonight. F.C.C.? Future promises against the Janet actions and who knows?

Is it sad that a girl whose Grandmother once led her reverently to a juvenile biography of a slain President now has no faith at all in the system that gave her Grandmother something to believe in? Something that both of her Grandfathers fought for? Of course it is. But always there is a fundamental faith. It is the faith of Mr. Dean. It is the faith of a spirit I know is attainable. We need to work and work hard. We can surely do better. I just re-read the SCREWTAPE LETTERS by C.S. Lewis, first read WORSE THAN WATERGATE by John Dean and devoured the words of Michael Parenti I’d not read before. With thought we will overcome. Do we have the energy for thought?
Well here’s my take.

The newest McDonald’s ad on television says and I kid you not, “ Choose any three dollar menu items on our menu for only three dollars”

It will be a fight, but it is a fight worth fighting…..

Blog number 1, and I’m sure no one will clamor for more.

Ruth Jordan from snowy Wisconsin


John Rickards said...

Oh, I dunno. It's better than the rubbish Jon usually posts...


And that McD's advert is hilarious. Even by their standards of atrocity.

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