Oct 13, 2006

DVD releases for Oct 17th

CSI: New York – The Complete Second Season (Paramount)
Gary Sinese stars in CSI:NY. Nice to see the franchise hire on such a talented actor. After hiring David Caruso for the Miami show, I was a little worried they might go with Steven Segal for the Big Apple.

Deadfall (1968) Michael Caine, Emilio Rodr’guez, Giovanna Ralli, Eric Portman, Leonard Rossiter, Nanette Newman. Thriller about a thief (Caine) whose adulterous adventure leads to a huge jewelry heist. (Fox Cinema Classics Collection).

La Femme Nikita: The Complete Fifth Season $39.98 Extras: Unaired scenes from select episodes, Season 5 Internet teaser, “Declassified” – a lowdown on Season 5 as the creative minds behind the series and select cast members discuss the show’s last 8 episodes. Warner)
End of the road for the successful series.

The Magus (1968) Michael Caine, Anthony Quinn, Candice Bergen, Anna Karina, Paul Stassino, Julian Glover. Thriller based on John Fowle's novel about a teacher (Caine) who accepts a job on a small Greek island and falls under the spell of the wealthy "magus." (Fox Cinema Classics Collection).

Murder She Wrote Season 4 $49.98 (Universal)
Jessica Fletcher conitues her reign of terror. If you knew her, would you really invite her to visit? And if you were driven to kill, would you not just wait until she left town? Some criminals never learn.

Peeper (1975) Dir.: Peter Hyams; Michael Caine, Natalie Wood, Kitty Winn, Michael Constantine, Thayer David, Timothy Carey. Comedy-mystery about an L.A. detective (Caine) hired to track down a wealthy man's missing daughter. (Fox Cinema Classics Collection).

Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Fourth Season Five-disc set with 22 episodes, $49.95. (Sony).
At the time, they were so cool. Starsky had the best car. Looking back, the show’s early 70s style is more than a little humorous. Still far better than the horrific movie with Stiller and Wilson.

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