Oct 8, 2006

DVD Review: Hard Candy.

A captivating and very disturbing psychological horror/thriller that will leave some viewers in a fetal position and requiring extensive therapy. Hard Candy is a movie that gets in your face, manipulates your emotions and then hits you when you aren’t looking.

A teenage girl(Ellen Page) decides to meet a photographer (Patrick Wilson) whose acquaintance she made online. Soon after that, they decide to go to his place for drinks. This film is a true game of cat and mouse, but who is the mouse?

Ellen Page is amazing in her role as Hayley. I have not been this captivated with a young actress since Natalie Portman came on the scene with Leon: The professional. This film could/would have been just another independent exploitation flick if not for the quality acting of Page and Wilson.
While Hard Candy is a good film, it is not for everyone as it is very intense and will prove to be too much for some. Having said that, I think this is far better than the gorreffic flicks that are dominating the horror market these days.

Jeremy Lynch

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Anonymous said...

I just finished watching this.

A very deeply weird movie. Interesting, but I cou'ld not get past the fact that there was important information that was left out.

Although I still think that Natale Portman in 'The Professional" was better...