Mar 10, 2007

Comfort food - comfort television

We all have a comfort food, something we eat that makes us feel good and makes us think everything will be right with the world.

Well, I think there is comfort Television too.

For me one of those shows is Law And Order. Just the sound of the theme song makes me feel good. I have always enjoyed the original, though now I can't watch the second half of the show becaus eol' Sam Waterson drives me nuts. He is jst to self rightous for me thanks. But the front half hour still rocks.

Law and Order SVU doesn't do much for me because the two lead people make me nuts. However, I love Richard Belzer and Ice T, a quandry...

But Criminal Intent rocks. I love the show. I love the quirkiness of Vince when he interogates people or questions them at home. And I love trhat the bad guys usually go to jail.

And I love the music....

SO, what' s you comfort Television?


Anonymous said...

24. It just isnt Monday without it.

Anonymous said...

Any of the Bruce Timm Batman/Superman/Justice League animated series. The later MASH series,

Timm the Libarian's kid said...

Veronica Mars every tuesday.

Anonymous said...

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