Jun 21, 2007

Summer Reading

The shelves are filled with new books for summer reading.
Here are some of the new titles out now:

Gary Disher has a new book called CHAIN OF EVIDENCE
and also a trade version of SNAPSHOT both from SOHO Crime.
Both feature Inspector Hal Challis and are set in Australia.
CHAIN OF EVIDENCE has two cases working, on involving
Challis's return home to see his dying father and the finding
of his missing brother in law's body.
Meanwhile Sergeant Destry is workin on a pedophile case.
SNAPSHOT involves murder and wife swapping and Challis
is being hindered by his boss who is related to one of the victims.
Disher is a wonderful author and both these books should please
mystery fans.

UP IN HONEY'S ROOM (William Morrow)from Elmore Leonard is just the ticket
for relaxed warm weather reading. Continuing the adventures
of Carl Webster from the book THE HOT KID, this is another
non stop action book set in Oklahoma, this time involving Nazi
POW's. This is Leonard's 41st novel. Perfect summer reading!

The adventures of Jason Bourne contine in Robert Ludlam's
series now being written by Eric Van Lustbander. The latest
is called THE BOURNE BETRAYAL (Warner Books)Ludlam's
original trilogy featuring Bourne were great fun and true thrillers.
Van Lustbander is the right choice for continuing the series and
he really gets the character. Great Thriller!

Antoher ass kicking thriller in Martin Cruz Smith's latest in the
Arkady Renko series STALIN'S GHOST (Simon and Schuster).
This is one of the best series to be set in Russia ( along with
the books by Stuart Kaminsky) and Smith has an uncanny knack
for making the reader feel like they are there. First introduced
in GORKY PARK, Renko is a true stereo typical Russian,
melacholy, hard working and dis-enchanted. In this outing
Stalin's ghost is being seen and maybe making a comeback.
Steeped in history this is a wonderful book. Do not miss this.

HOOKED by Matt Richtel (Twleve, an imprint of Grand Central
Publishing)is a debut novel that is highly suspenseful and a
thriller of the first magnitude. Revolving around the hight tech
world we live in the book opens with the visit of a dead girl
friend saving Nat Idle from an explosion. From there it picks
up the pace. Touching on our addiction to all things tech, this
book will freak you out.

A new series from the wonderful Rhys Bowen, HER ROYAL
SPYNESS (Berkley) features Lady Victoria Georgina Charlotte
Eugenie. A wonderful traditional mystery set in the 1930's London
this book is a pure joy to read. Bowen has created yet another
wonderful series.

Already reviewed in Crimespree I wanted to mention again Con
Lehane's new book DEATH AT THE OLD HOTEL (St. Martin's
Minator). I love Con Lehane's writing and this is such a great series.
I feel it is over looked, and I urge you not to miss it. Our favorite
bartender Brian McNulty is once again caught up in a murder
investigation while trying to help his buddies.
This series is alot of fun to read and COn Lehane is one of my

Stella Rimington's second work of fiction is SECRET ASSEST
(Knopf). A real life spook herself this book scream reality.
Fast paced and not stop pacing make this another great
summer read. A mole with in MI-5 is interferring with
investigations into a terroist threat. The clock is ticking as the
mole needs to be found before the real threat can be stopped.

Idaho, assasins, and ticking clock make KILLER WEEKEND(Putnam)
from Ridley Pearson one not to be missed.Possibly his best thriller to
date this book moves as fast as a professional water skier on perfect
water. Politics and agencies not being able to cooperate add to the
perfect mix fo an exciting read.

And last but defintily not least another Tucker Sinclair adventure from
Patricia Smiley, SHORT CHANGE ( NAL) is the latest in her on
going series. Humourous, smart and wonderfully witty this is a
great read. Tucker has quit working for the corporate world
and that may prove to be a mistake. She's helping a PI and
the case they end up working on could be her first and last.
Great fun!

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