Jun 8, 2007

That Thing You Do - New Version on DVD

That Thing You Do, originally released in 1996 is a fun movie directed by Tom Hanks. While it is obviously based loosely on the early days of The Beatles and their rise to fame there are differences, the most obvious being the US setting. Featuring Liv Tyler doing what she did best in her earlier acting days (looking cute), Steve Zahn ( who is great), along with Tom Everatt Scott and Johnathan Schaech and Ethan Embry and Tom Hanks himself as the magic manager who will shoot them to fame.

Small local band hooks up with business savoy manager and shoots to stardom. It’s a fairy tale, a rock and roll fairy tale. This is a lot of fun to see again, and the new version adds a lot to the movie. 30 minutes of deleted scenes, featurettes and a music video.

That Thing You do is just as fun as it was when it was first released.

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