Aug 10, 2007

100 Bullets - Building to big finish

Brian Azzarello has been doing such an amazing job on this series. Coming into the finale thigs are really picking up speed.

The latest trade collection is out, volume 11 called ONCE UPON A CRIME. The minutemen are all back and the members of The Trust is in a scramble to take charge. Agent Graves has been putting together the plan for this confrontation for a while and it's all coming to a head. People are picking sides and watching thier backs gearing up for what coming. This volume has a lot of action and almost all the players are here. Loose ends are being tied up, and the minutemen are getting ready for a full blown war.

Azzarello has created such a wealth of characters and done such a great job developing them that it's hard not to feel invested in each and everyone. But this being the kind of tale that it is, people will die, and I'm sure some unexpected things will happen. This is addictive and once you start reading 100 Bullets it's impossible not to keep reading.

Eduardo Risso has created a real signature look for the books and his work here is spectacular. You feel the heat in the desert, the bleakness inthe warehouses.

If you haven't read this series, you should really pick it up. All the trade collections are available and I suggest you pick up #1 and get into it now.

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Unknown said...

Azarello is pretty good at what he does, no matter if it's comics, sci-fi, getting Cialis, or doing a conference, he really makes things shake around a little.