Aug 23, 2007

Don Bruns - Stuff To Die For

Don Bruns is someone we met on the convention circuit. I beleive it was first at Magna Cum Murder in Muncie Indiana when we first spent some time with Don. He's funny, he's a musician and he just damn interesting to talk to.

After the con I read
Barbados Heat. I loved it. A great book featuring music journalist Mike Seaver looking into the death of a murdered Senator who has become a crusader against certain musciians and thier lyrics. Pure fun.

Don followed this up with
Jamaica Blue, another St Martins book with Mike Seaver. This time Mike is in Jamaica and gets caught up in a true mystery steeped in Reggae. Another truly great book which I reviewed when it came out.

Book three in the series came out from Oceanview Publishing, a really nice independant publishing house.
South Beach Shakedown was another terrific book and Don kept getting better and better.

Don has now just sarted a new series and the first books is a real knockout.
Stuff To Die For sees two slackers named James Lessor and Skip Moore trying to improve their lot in life. After a surprise windfall James buys a truck and they go in to business for themselves moving people and their stuff. As fate would have it their luck holds true and they get caught up in a real nightmare when they discover a bloody finger in with the stuff they are moving on their first job. The peolple who removed said finger aren't too far behind.
Bruns writing has a very smooth natural flow and is a real pleasure to read.

Don's website has all sorts of fun stuff for his readers and you can go there from here:Official Don Bruns Website

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