Mar 23, 2008

Boys and Birthdays-

How to make this Crimespree related? Well it's about Jon and me.... so here's a little Crimespree tale guaranteed to make everyone smile. The other morning I had a five o'clock wake up call to get to the airport and find my way home to Milwaukee after a week in Baltimore. The airline hurried us all onto the plane, but... we got stuck in a holding pattern over my home town. Eventually they had to reroute us to Midway in Chicago because the plane was running out of fuel. So I did what 250 other people did when the plane hit the tarmac... I phoned home. And there was nobody there. One hour and three increasingly desperate phone calls later my cell rang. My Groom had decided to just meet my plane and not wait for the phone call. You see we live ten minutes from the airport and that's how we do it, as we hit ground we dial for our ride.

So while my phone calls were becoming more and more desperate Jon was at Mitchell watching my arrival time get pushed back and pushed back until the flight disappeared off of the arrival board. He overheard somebody else exclaim,"What do you mean you're in Chicago?" and confirmed it was indeed the flight from Baltimore. He hauled a** home (as fast as you can in a foot of snow) and we were reunited through the good graces of Verizon.

This was just the beginning of my adventure, a day where there was no food, no cigarettes, no where to store my fifty pounds of luggage and carry-ons. About the only thing better than being diverted from Mitchell was the solution for getting us all back to Milwaukee afterwards. A bus, in a Blizzard, during Friday rush hour. Yeah it was special. The highlight was getting stuck on railroad tracks with a train bearing down on us.... but I got home. 10 hours after my plane was due to arrive, but home.... sweet, sweet home....

And Jon confused me terribly.... "Do you want to go get Birthday Presents now?" That wonderful man I've married for better or worse.... Last year my birthday was on Easter. And Today is Easter.... and he's a boy..... a boy who missed his wife.... Should I tell him or go for Birthday Treats.....

Happy Spring and Hoppy Easter


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