Mar 11, 2008

Steven Sidor

Steven Sidor's first book kicked my ass. I really enjoyed it and the second was every bit as good. He does a great job of setting mood and his description of settings blend in perfectly and really make you feel like you are somewhere familair.

Here's a review of his up coming book that will be in the buzz box next issue.

Steven Sidor
April 2008
St Martin’s Minotaur

Steven Sidor, author of SKIN RIVER and BONE FACTORY, releases his third book this April, THE MIRROR’S EDGE

When two-year-old twins, Shane and Liam Boyle, are taken from their home, even video of the event left behind does little to help police find the kidnappers. And no one knows if there will be a ransom note or body recovery.

A year after the abduction, Jase Deering tracks down the boys' former nanny. She leads a life of paranoia and fright, convinced the people responsible for the boy’s disappearance and an odd tattoo left on her thigh will eventually make her disappear as well. The tattoo itself provides only more questions. It is the palindrome mirrorrorrim. Deering is seemingly lead down a path that leads him to Graham Morick.

Morick, son of an infamous occult figure, is an enigmatic and charismatic man that seems willing to help. As years pass, Deering becomes more deeply enmeshed in the fate of the boys. And Morick in his. And both begin to shape his fate. A tight thriller that will keep you up late.

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