Apr 20, 2008

Two new movies on DVD

Tonight we sat down and watched No Country For Old Men and The Mist.

Both based on work by authors we love.

The Mist is probably one of my three favorite Stephen King shorts. So naturally I was excited and also a bit concerned. No need as it turns out. The movie was great. Tom Janes is the star, who we also happened to love in The Punisher. Every one in the movie was wonderful in fact. The ending is different, and I won't say how. I thought it worked, Ruth was not as happy with the change.
The effects are great and the movie is damn spooky, on a number of levels, not just the creatures.

No Country For Old men.
This movie was amazing. violent as hell, but the Coen brothers really did something amazing here. Again, great acting. Josh Brolin is really good, and in this role he's perfect. Tommy Lee Jones, well, he's always great. And Javier Bardem is just damn spooky.
Get this movie.


JD Rhoades said...

It's funny. My household split right down the middle on No Country for Old Men. Nick and I though it was great, but the womenfolk were loudly complaining about how boring it was.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The woman folk part of this household liked it.
We both thought the pacing was great.