May 19, 2008

Monday Monday, can't trust that day

I've been sober for over 12 years, but I occasionally still suffer from hangovers.
The difference is now they are what have become known around the Jordan house as book hangovers. These occur when I stay up much later than I should because I'm reading and force myself to stay up to keep reading. It's all good until I get that 1 or 2 hours of sleep and then have to get up for work. Upon waking I'm cranky, sore and usually headachey for a bit.

This morning it's a DVD hangover. We stayed up till we finished watching a show called Intelligence. It's from the makers of Da Vinci's Inquest and set in Vancouver. Jeremy reviewed it on our sister site Crimespree Cinema.
It's a really good show, smart and the plot moves at a nice pace. Great actors and being set in Vancouver they can actually show off the city that so often has to pretend to be other cites.
The general layout of the show is this, a career bad guy who sells pot and runs a few other schemes ends up helping out an organized crime unit with out compromising his own organization. The woman in charge at the OCU is looking to move up the ladder and is trying to rebuild an intelligence community in Canada.

The show is really good, a little bit of The Wire mixed with the Sopranos.
I would definitely recommend this show.

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