Jun 7, 2008

June is Here and the books are busting out all over

I love summer. And it arrived with a bang here in southern Wisconsin yesterday. The bruised skies and threatening humidity of Tornado watches snatching any promise of Spring away. We went from early March weather to July in a single stroke. Looks like the bedroom paint job may wait until Fall.

Jordans being Jordans, we spent the evening with author Craig Johnson and his lovely wife Judy. Craig was in town for the tour of ANOTHER MAN’S MOCCASINS. Fan’s of the Walt Longmire series will want to read this one soonest for Johnson’s reveals a part of the good Sherriff’s past through a plot that investigates two mysteries, decades apart.

ANOTHER MAN’S MOCCASINS isn’t the only book to recommend to our blog readers. The reading is good this month and I have a rundown of a few of the highlights. The best sellers are out in full force. Steve Martini, David Baldacci and Elizabeth George all have berths on the NYTBS List. And on the extended list are two of our favorites; Charlaine Harris returns with Sookie in FROM DEAD TO WORSE, while John Connolly’s THE REAPERS brings back Charlie Parker.

And “Holy Bookworm’s Cornucopia, Batman” the choices are about to get tougher. For thrills there’s Lee Child’s NOTHING TO LOSE, Jeffrey Deaver’s BROKEN WINDOW and Martin Cruz Smith’s STALIN’S GHOSTS. Do you prefer paperback perusing in the summertime? Richard Hawke’s COLD DAY IN HELL is an option. I thoroughly enjoyed this book last year in Hard Cover format and can guarantee it will make the humidity go away for a few hours.

For the PI enthusiast or those wanting a change of pace we have Loren Estleman’s FRAMES, Dave White’s THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, and lo and behold a new Milan Jacovich from Les Roberts, THE KING OF THE HOLLY HOP has Milan attending the high school reunion from hell. And a word from your blogger on Don Winslow’s THE DAWN PATROL. Read this book, revel in the writing and enjoy the plot, characters and San Diego.

For a police procedural p.o.v. we have Deborah Crombie’s WHERE MEMORIES LIE and C.J. Box’s BLOODTRAIL, two go to reads for everybody. And let’s have a shout out for THE DEMON OF DAKAR, Kjell Eriksson is a master of the police procedural new to American readers. Canadian Sandra Ruttan’s WHAT BURNS WITHIN is police procedural with a twist. Available in Mass Market Paperback, this book comes from one of Mystery’s newest voices.

It says something about the strength of a traditional written series when it sells out at our local bookstore in four days, but sure as s#@t, When I went to grab the latest Julia Spencer Fleming from Richard last night he was sold out (and had re-ordered). I SHALL NOT WANT is another strong book from the damme who’s made Millers Kill a go to destination in Crime Fiction. And hey folks, Sujata Massey has a new book, the first not sent to Crimespree for review, but that’s okay, Pat and Gary at ONCE UPON A CRIME in Minneapolis can hook me up with a signed copy of SHIMURA TROUBLE and all will be right in my world. Massey has a gift with the written word and I, for one, will never miss a book.

From Dutton comes THE DIRTY SECRETS CLUB from Meg Gardiner. I’m excited that Gardiner is in print stateside, have to admit when it comes to book recommendations I don’t often find Stephen King wrong. We’re reading these books for Crimespree but enjoying them as Jordans.

And I’ll finish up with two books I’ve been pounding the drums for right along. Val McDermid’s THE GRAVE TATTOO is now available in paperback, if you haven’t read it yet…… join the animated conversation amongst mystery aficionados, this is a book sure to get you talking. And tad um….

SEVERANCE PACKAGE. Duane Swierczynski has a lot to say about the post modern office dynamic in this highly humorous and sociopathic take on corporate America. This book is a cure to “a bad day at work”. You’ll find yourself cheering on despicable characters, applauding at ghastly violence, looking at your co-workers with fresh eyes. It’s better than a year of therapy or a case of your favorite Red. Swierczynski has an energy no one else writing has tapped into and an imagination that makes me a little afraid. SEVERANCE PACKAGE will wash that job right out of your hair. Perfect.

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