Feb 20, 2009

Crimespree 5 year birthday special

Greetings all.

The Mystery community has been great to us, so we want to be great back.

As part of our celebrating FIVE years of Crimespree with issue #30 we
would like to share the love and offer a 20% discount on advertising.
This will take us to our rates back when we started. The offer is good
till the deadline for issue 30, March 25th.

This means a full page ad for $300 instead of $380
1/2 page $150, 1/4 page $75

And we also do mailings with our magazine. normally $50, we'll do it
for $25 for one issue only.



And if you get the materials printed at
DIGITAL GRAPHICS, we'll mail them for free.

And even if you don't plan to do a mailing with us, Digital Graphics is top notch
for any printing you may need.

post cards of the best kind qty 1000 full color 2 sides $150.00
qty 5000 same as above $325.00 size 4x6

Bookmarks on thin card stock full color 500 1 side $95.00 2 sides $150.00
1000 $150.00 1 side - 195.00 two sides size 1.75x7

Arc reprints .06c per sheet of paper printed on both sides. example a
100 page arc is $6.00 unbound, add $1.00 for binding, plus shipping.

This is just a sample of items we produce, call 262 255 9273 to talk
with Rick about all the products and services we carry. Mention
Crimespree and receive a 10% your total order. Email your files to
print1000@sbcglobal.net and receive a free quote on your project.

We make it simple!

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