Mar 10, 2010

Announcement from Tyrus Books

Announcement from Tyrus Books:

Tyrus Books is
delighted that our spring titles are at the printer!

Well, the first spring titles, HELLO KITTY MUST DIE, THE DEPUTY, and DELTA BLUES, are at the printer, and the rest are soon to follow. In this time of anticipating holding the finished books in our hands, we start to get really, really excited about all of the wonderful stories about to be released into the world. (Alison especially, since she's spent so much time poring over paper samples and color wheels.)
Come share in our excitement
-- preorder your copies of Tyrus's books today, won't you?
We've got our very own shopping cart capabilities on the site now, and we'd love to send you the books that come to us direct from the printer! You can of course also preorder at your favorite indie, or at amazon, too.
But buying direct from Tyrus means that you're letting us know just how important indie publishing is to you. And because we appreciate each and every one of our readers, we want to share the love.

Use the code "crimespreereader" for $3 off each book you purchase! Each package is hand-packed by Ben, with love (and probably with a little Journey on in the background).

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Ayo Onatade said...

Clicked on the link in Facebook and found that it was blocked! Not sure why!