Mar 13, 2010

A couple movie books

We were recently sent a couple cool books from Titan publishing that tie in with movies.

YIPPEE KI-YAY MOVIEGOER by Vern (of Ain't It Cool News)is a book of Bad Ass cinema full of great essays on movies we love. Obviously some special love for Bruce Willis. From horror to action this covers it all. Loads of fun if you like action. This book isn't pretending that these movies are all winners or even great movies. But Vern is expressing his love of these films for what they are, good entertainment. Some go beyond that and well they should. This is a book about the movies I love by I dude who loves them the same way.

Also from Titan Books is a movie on the making of KICK ASS a movie based on a comic by Mark Millar. Tons of photos on production and the comic this is a wonderful companion piece to the comic and movie. The plot of the story is a kid who loves comics decides he wants to be a superhero for real and it doesn't go well for him to start with. before long he's stopping crimes and getting his ass kicked. Eventually others are inspired to do the same. It's crazy and violent and actually a lot of fun.
The book is a nice look at the book and movie and I think is a nice thing to have as a fan of the comic and I'm sure I'm going to dig the movie.
Mark Millar also wrote Wanted, which turned out to be a damn fun movie.

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