Apr 15, 2010


While many of our friends sit at their desks looking for one last tax deduction before a wait in line at the local post office the Crimespree Office is gearing up for a day trip to Chicago this weekend.

This is the first year for The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Running tomorrow April 16th through Sunday April 18th the premise is amazing. Bring together some of Comics biggest names and Pop Culture Icons . Have their fans invade McCormick Plaza and see what happens.

It’s a hell of a line up with Alex Ross featured as the keynote speaker. Also on hand are luminaries so luminous that it will be more than impossible for this “objective reporter” to avoid at least a couple of fan girl moments. Hopefully I’ll hide them well.

For more info go to C2E2.com , follow the Con on facebook.com/C2E2official or c2e2-Twitter . There’s also an app and a shared flicker page. You can stay wired in or you can take the plunge and go. Who will win best costume? Wouldn’t you like to spend a little time with Neil Gaiman? Walk an Artist Ally? Both Star Trek and Star Wars are bringing in the big guns. Diamond Distributing will be there. A special preview of Doctor Who! The cast of KICK ASS will be celebrating opening weekend here.

All of Comics major imprints are here, as are the best of the web comics and well there’s just so much going on. We’ll report back to you later in the weekend and if we can right from the con…

AMAZEBALLS!! And if you’re already in Chi-Town why are you reading this? The pre party is at Mother’s so shake a leg.


Convention Scene said...

How about a shoutout for Convention Scene, from which you got the picture? http://www.conventionscene.com/

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

The top image was found at:

The bottom image was taken by me at wizard world in Chicago in 2008.
Loaded from my own hard drive.
Jon Jordan