Apr 21, 2010

New York New York

Next week I'll be taking a trip to that magical city New York.
A lot of what happens in the world of publishing starts here.
It's Edgar week and that means loads of mystery authors in town. The edgars are a really special event and if you are a mystery fan and have never gone I suggest you go to at least one.

I'll be in town with sister Jennifer and Rae Helmsworth. Rae is the chair of this year's Bouchercon and we are meeting up to go and visit with some publishers about getting involved with the convention. Letting them know what's in it for them and their authors.

If my experiences with comic conventions have shown me anything it's the fact that publishers being involved is key. I know we're not meeting with all of them, but it's a start.

I would like to hear from some smaller presses about getting involved with Bouchercon. These indies are putting out some great books and are vital to the crime fiction/mystery genre. If the New York houses are Budweiser and Miller then the indies are Sam Adams and Shiner Bock. They add to the variety of what readers can choose from and are more willing to take chances which benefits everyone who loves to read.

The way I see it, the more people involved with Bouchercon the better it will be.

We need people to nominate books for the Anthonies, we need book dealers and exhibitors. We need authors who want to meet and talk to fans.

And most of all we need fans. Readers. People who buy books, people who go to the library every week. People who read.
And we need input for what makes the convention better for you. so periodically I'll be asking questions to help make St. Louis the best it can be for everyone who is coming.

So keep your eye on the Bouchercon 2011 Blog

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