Sep 25, 2006

DVD giveaway - British Gangsters

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-- Real-Life Mobsters Inspired Blockbuster Films Such As The Krays, Snatch
And Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels --

-- Airing on The History Channel Scheduled This Summer --

Woodland Hills, California July 11 – This October, EPI brings three DVDs
to home viewing audiences that uncover the mysteries behind Great Britain’s most notorious gangsters – The Kray Brothers: The Geordie Connection, Roy Shaw: Brute Force and Mad Frank! Inspiring hundreds of books and blockbuster films starring Brad Pitt (Snatch) and directed by Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), these criminals where known for unrelentless torture tactics and gangland killings which make the American mob look tame. Long after their jail terms and (for a few of them) their deaths, these mobsters have generated a cult-following in the US and Canada. The three programs, filled with bonus extra features and rare interviews, will be available beginning October 3, 2006 for a suggested retail price of $14.98 each. The DVDs are distributed by Koch Entertainment.

Throughout the 1960s the Kray Brothers ran their viscous empire in London’s East End. The evil twins, Ron and Reg, became legendary figures as they mixed with political and showbiz figures, while making it a habit to murder their opponents. To the man on the street they were heroes – to their enemies they were thugs – brutal without remorse, and in their own minds invincible.

The Kray Brothers: The Geordie Connection documents one man’s relationship with Britian’s most notorious criminals. Through private letters, exclusive footage from gangster get-togethers and parties, and taped phone conversations, the inside story of the Kray Empire behind bars is revealed.

Steve Wraith was a young man who became obsessed with the Krays, so much so he became their pen pal while they were in jail. The Krays eventually began relying on him as their outside source – even asking him to kill Ronnie Kray’s wife! Featuring footage right into the grave of the Twins, The Kray Brothers: The Geordie Connection is a personal and frightening look at Ron and Reg, featuring a host of UK crime figures.

Bonus features include: Boxing Bust-Up; The Angel of the Underworld; Steve is Geordie Connections; Blind Beggar Launch; Scene Selections; and Trailer.

Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw is considered one of Britain’s most dangerous criminals. In 1963 he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role in an armed robbery and was taken to Maidson prison where he literally smashed his wayout of his cell. Considered too violent for prison, he was then sent to Broadmoor where he was subjected to experimental brain surgery and mind altering drugs. After a visit from boxing great Joe Louis and a roof top prison protest, he was finally released from Broadmoor’s dungeons.

Brute Force tells Roy’s story from the tragic death of his father in a motorbike accident to the bullying he endured throughout his childhood, up to his days of fighting back with his fists. In Roy’s own words Brute Force reveals the crimes, the stabbings, the Prison Years, the riots , his daily fights and the stories behind the unlicensed boxing years up to present day. In his own words "For me violence is simply an accepted part of my profession– if you’re unlucky enough to have me come after you…beware..cos hell’s coming with me!"

Bonus features on the DVD include: Earnie Shavers-Bad Boy Bash, Until Death do Us Part, Trailers and Scene Selections

‘Mad’ Frank Frasier is one of Britian’s most legendary villains who for
50 years was a key figure in London’s Underworld. A peer of the Kray Brothers, he was arguably as influential and certainly as dangerous. Certified insane three times, Frank served 40 years in prisons and mental institutions.

Born in South London in 1923 he began a life of crime after a car ran over
his head when he was five. By 12 years old he was a full time criminal,
breaking and entering, until he was caught and sent to reform school. On
release he continued his life of crime until he was jailed and sent to Wandsworth Prison. He assaulted Prison Officers and Governors until he was certified insane and sent to the mental hospital. There he received electric shock treatment before returning to prison where he pounded flintstone all day.

In Mad Frank!, Frank himself tells horrific stories of killing, revenge and
a rigid determination to beat the system. He is a link to every villain
from The Krays to the Great Train Robbers. Chilling and stomach churning Frasier makes even the infamous independent contractor for the mob, The Ice Man, look tame. Viewers of the DVD will find him as interesting to listen to, as he is frightening to be with. Bonus features include:

Special Features Include: Earnie Shavers-Bad Boy Bash Until Death do us Part; Scene Chapter Index; and Trailers

About EPI
EPI was Incorporated in 1982 by Joe Pershes the sole shareholder. Pershes was one of the earliest pioneers in the industry, placing Allied Artists Video in the business and as VP Home Video for Twentieth Century Fox. EPI formed the label Master Arts Video in early 1982 seeking niche markets in home video, as the first distributor of Martial Arts Videos available on VHS. Throughout the 80s and 90s, EPI has championed other niche markets such as its successful "Sirens of the Silver Screen" videos and placing Gay titles into the chain audio/video markets. EPI also brought "Family Value Films" to the market in 2003 with family classics such as Wind Dancer and Walking Thunder.

The Kray Brothers: The Geordie Connection
Street Date: October 3, 2006
Order Date: September 5, 2006
SRP: $14.98
Running Time: 147 Minutes

Roy Shaw: Brute Force
Street Date: October 3, 2006
Order Date: September 5, 2006
SRP: $14.98
Running Time: 119 Minutes

Mad Frank!
Street Date: October 3, 2006
Order Date: September 5, 2006
SRP: $14.98
Running Time: 74 minutes

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