Sep 15, 2006

A Quick Five #4 - John Galligan

John Galligan is from right in our backyard, Madison Wisconsin. He was voted Crimespree's Favorite Book of 2005. He a great new talent and you NEED to read him!

What's the latest book you've read?

The Organic Machine: A History of the Columbia River by Richard White.

What's you're latest book and why should people read it?

The Blood Knot. To find out what to do in case you meet some meth-head Amish and then find a dead body in a stream.

What's coolest thing you did in the last 6 months?

Climbed Mt. Bandai in Japan with my two sons--all the way to the top,where the clouds were so thick you could feel them leaning on
your body and whispering, "Go. Get out of here. Go back down. . ."

How's your basketball game? Ready for the game at Bouchercon?

Same place it was last year. No.

What's next for John Galligan?

I'm finishing The Clinch Knot, the third in my Fly Fishing Murder Mystery series.

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