Sep 11, 2006

DVD Review: Vicki

I liked I Wake Up Screaming(I've got a review knocking around here somewhere), the 1941 movie Vicki (1953-Fox) was remade from, mostly for the first rate visuals and tight performances. Vicki, alas, is visually average and the performances are excessively gay (in the old use of the word) or dark. I found myself pining for Victor Mature and Betty Grable.

Jean Peters plays Vicki, a waitress turned into a star by Steve (no longer Frankie) Christopher, PR man and promoter,done up by Elliot Reid. When she dumps him for Hollywood she turns up dead. Hmmm, wonder who they suspect?

Jean Crain plays the sister, also a suspect for about two minutes, after which the cops come to their senses and realize such a sweet woman couldn't be a killer. She could have bumped off half the squad before they caught on.

Richard Boone as lead detective Ed Cornell is sullen and brooding but it's not enough. He comes off as more angry than mad.

The Special Features voice over belabors the obvious in case you're drunk or stupid.

Vicki is billed as a Classic, but take out the Class and all you have is Ic.

Lee Crawford

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