Dec 23, 2006

almost that time

It's 5:00 am on the 23rd, two days away from Xmas.

Stores are opening in an hour. 6:00 am till midnight for people who didn't think to shop till now. I think it's corporate greed, but that just my cynical side. Another part of me likes shopping at odd hour, the hours I'm actually awake and ready to do things and everyone else is usually asleep. Of course the year Ruth had to work those bullshit hours it really sucked.


I do love this time of year, but it seems weird for some reason, like it's come to fast, too soon. We are kind of caught unaware. Plus there's no snow. A lot of rain, but no snow. But don't worry, President Bush says there's no global warming so I'm sure it's just a strange coincidence. Meanwhile, where's my damn snow!?

I wrapped gifts today. I enjoy doing it though I'm not all that good. They look presentable enough. Getting married increased the number of gifts I buy and wrap, not just for the woman I love, but her family too. Plus the increased fun of shopping for more people. I like the shopping. I actually like the crowds and the hustle and bustle of it all. Of course I'm not working in retail , so my take on it may be a little different than some people. I guess I really am a consumer.

Ok, I'm going to go get dressed and go shopping. Maybe I should bring a camera?

I hope every one has a merry xmas.

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