Dec 23, 2006

Trailer for Shooter ( Featuring Stephen Hunter's Bobby Lee Swagger) is online.

Stephen Hunter's Bobby Lee Swagger is coming to the big screen in Shooter. Loosely based on the novel Point of Impact, Shooter is about a former marksman ( Swagger) living in a self imposed exile until he is lured back into the service of the government. Swagger is brought back to help foil an attempt on the President's life. He is betrayed and framed for the assassination attempt, sending him on the run. Swagger must find the guilty parties and clear his name.

Mark Wahlberg (Boggie Nights, The Italian Job) and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, The Color Purple) star.

Shooter hits theaters in March 17th, 2007.

Click here for trailer.

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Anonymous said...

Wahlberg is not a good actor. Even watching the trailer I can tell that.