Dec 20, 2006

DVD Releases for Dec 19th

A Scanner Darkly (2006) Dir.: Richard Linklater; Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder. Extras: Commentary by Linklater, Reeves, Isa Hackett (daughter of author Philip K. Dick), two making-of documentaries, more. (Warner).

Richard Linklater’s intriguing adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story. The film itself is fine, but the visuals is what makes this special. Looking at the cast. We have a who’s who of troubled young talant. Well, I don’t think Reeves has ever been in trouble with the law, but some would argue that everyone involved in the making of Sweet November should have been locked up. (We at the Central Crime Zone would like to say that while Mr. Reeves was indeed in that wretched turkey, he was also in Bill & Ted’s excellent Adventure which certainly should get him at least one get out of cinematic jail free card).
While not a classic, Darkly is interesting enough to warrant picking up.

The Wicker Man (2006) Dir.: Neil LaBute; Nicolas Cage, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Beahan, Frances Conroy, Molly Parker, Leelee Sobieski, Diane Delano. Extras: Commentary, alternate ending. (Warner).

After witnessing a car accident that kills a small child, officer Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage) struggles to put his life back together. He gets a letter from a former girlfriend asking for help locating her missing daughter.
Edward travels to the small town of Summersisle to look for the child. Upon reaching there, some seriously weird shit happens.
I am pretty certain Mr. Cage sold his soul to Satan for his Oscar (Leaving Las Vegas). If you look at his career since then, it ranks up there with that of Paulie Shore and Stephan Baldwin….except with bigger budgets.

The Wicker Man Special Edition (1973) Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Britt Ekland. Two-disc set with the international version (fully restored from original vault materials with 11 more minutes of additional, rarely seen footage) as well as the U.S. theatrical version. Extras: Interviews with Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt, director Robin Hardy, producer Peter Snell, writer Anthony Shaffer, editor Eric-Boyd Perkins, art director Seamus Flannery, assistant director Jake Wright, U.S. distributor John Simon and legendary filmmaker Roger Corman; commentary by Hardy, actors Lee and Woodward; TV spot; radio spots; talent bios. (Anchor Bay).

The original, more creepy version starring Edward Woodward (Americans might better remember him from the Equalizer) and Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings and a zillion horror films). This set has the U.S. version and the longer international version as well as interviews of with virtually everyone that had anything to do with it. While I am a sucker for bonus materials, how important is it to hear from the assistant director?



Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

I am an extra features junkie, but I agree, when you interview the assitant director, you might as well bring in the catering staff.

" I remeber day four of the shoot, as assistant to the assistant line prep chef it was my job to cut carrots, and I would never have guessed the amount of carrots that"....

Sorry... feel fre to go about your business!

MysterLynch said...

I am looking forward to checking out the reissue of the original Wicker Man. The remake was less than impressive....actually it was less than pleasant and certainly makes up for any naughty things I did this year.

Santa, I want a, make that a third floor to my house, I just earned it.