May 6, 2007

NCIS - The Seires

As I've stated here before I don't keep up with network television, I tend to wait for the DVDs of the shows I'm interested in. NCIS is one I've been curious about for a while, in part because of the reviews in Crimespree, and also because it's creator, David Bellesario did Magnum, one of my all time favorite shows. Gerald So's review of Season Three on DVD finally pushed me that extra bit and I ordered Season One. I've just ordered Season's two and three.

I really enjoy the show for a number of different reasons. Being a spin off of JAG it has some cool aspects of that show, like episodes taking place in exotic locales such as aircraft carriers. And I have to say, I'm a sucker for watching the fighter planes. It also has great forensics in the show, an umlike CSI, it doesn't feel made up and glamourized. In fact, the woman who plays Abby, the tech they use for forensics actually studied forensics and really knows what shes talking about. They avoid the Hollywood cliches that make me crazy on the CSI shows.

The cast is also a huge factor here. Mark Harmon has always been one of my favorite people to watch on TV and this role suits him quite nicely. As special agent Jethro Gibbs, a Marine with a military point ov view who leads our team for the NCIS. He's gruff, three times divorced and driven. He tends to do things old school and is usually not very patient. He is open minded enough though to listen to them younger members of his team.

David McCallum plays Dr. Mallard, the coroner for the squad. An older man of vast and worldly experience he adds a real nice touch with his sometimes light hearted approach. But he's aslo a total pro and very good at what he does.

Michael Weatherly is has been on the team for two years when we first meet him. A former cop in Baltimore among other places he is a bit of a joker and a ladies man. Though sometimes I feel like yelling at the TV for him to chil out and get to work, it's usually pre-empted by a smack in the head by Gibbs. Before to long though you see his value on the team and its understandable why he's there.

I really like Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciute. Forensics genius and Goth Girl she is just a jopy to wath. She loves her job and is is amazing at it.

The rest of the cast is great to. Sean Murrey as a new agent how at first seems like a real geek boy, and in the first two seasons, former Secret Service agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd played by Sasha Alexander. She is almost over qualified for her spot on the team and can be damn hard core when needed.

Not sure what I think of the additionin later seasons of Lauren Holly as Gibb's boss. She seems too young to me and I can't get the bubbley roles she has played out of my head. I will reserve judgemnet till I actually see her on the show later this week.

I also like the recurring role of the bad ass double agent who may be a good guy but is probably a bad guy, Ari Haswari played by Rudolph Martin. Good or bad, I'm waiting for him to get a bullet to the head.

The show is treated with respect by the writers, things carry form show to show and season to season. Things they do have consequences and it comes off feeling pretty realistic.

I'm definitly hooked on the show and I'm kind of glad i waited. Now in the course of one week, I can watch all first three seasons back to back.

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Gerald So said...

Glad you're enjoying the show, Jon.