Aug 3, 2007

Once Upon A Crime

Once Upon a Crime in a magic place in Minnesota called Minneapolis two people who love mystery books and each other
bought a bookstore. Sir Stillwell, one of mysteryland’s favored knights was happy that two such wonderful people would
run the store he started. Prince Gary and Princess Pat loved running the bookstore. People came from all around to buy
books, and to sign books and to just spend time with the happy booksellers. After a few years an evil wizard called
leukemia cast a spell on Prince Gary. But the valiant prince fought back, and with the help of his brother who gave Gary
some of his magic bone marrow our hero triumphed. All in the land were happy. To celebrate the Prince and Princess
waited till the fifth anniversary of their buying the book shoppe and got married. Minister Jim who was there to help
Gary fight the plague sent by the evil wizard was on hand to perform this joyous ceremony. And where did it take place?
In the book shoppe of course! And true to their second love, an hour later they hosted a signing event!

Congratulations to two of our favorite people in the world. May all your days be happy and mysterious!


Neil said...

Wonderful news. My "hometown" (via three hour drive) store! All my best to Gary and Pat!

MysterLynch said...

Very cool!