Feb 13, 2009

Michael Phelps - a lesson in growing up?

When I heard Michael Phelps was caught on video doing a bong hit I laughed. I smoked pot way back in high school and some after, though it has been years since I've touched it. In high school and in college of all the swimmers I knew, about 90% were stoners.

I have mixed feelings on people smoking pot, but for now it's illegal and that should be enough for people in the public spot light to be smart about what they do. Phelps is losing some endorsement money, he can't swim for a while. Good. Maybe he'll figure it out. What he did wasn't that wrong, but if you are a role model you need to live up to different standards. And Phelps put himself into that position. It's not going to ruin his life but it should cause him at least a little hardship. And the truth is if he can't compete or make money on endorsements I sure hope he was smart enough to have a fall back plan, you know, get an education while in school? He should have a great future in front of him and while part of that is sure to involve inspiring kids, I hope he planned for his own future as well.

I wish Mr. Phelps all the success in the world, he did an amazing thing. Ok, so he got high, I don't really care, but I hope he's figured out that he'll have plenty of time to behave how he wants to later.

This leads me to thinking about other people in the spotlight. I think people who seek the spotlight should be held to a higher standard. If you want to party and do silly things naked or with booze and drugs, cool, but then don't run for public office, don't get a job on TV. Or at least wait till you are out of the spotlight. It kills me how many people have careers ruined because they can't resist the urge to have sex, or drink too much or take drugs.

I'm not saying people shouldn't do these things, that's up to each person to decide, I just don't want to hear crying when it hurts them in their public life.

I fan favorite mystery author Mr. X decides to rub butterscotch pudding allover him self and roll naked in a bathtub full of clover and curry while having nerf darts shot ass his rear that's his choice and he should be free to do so. If he does it at a convention and then stands around the lobby of a hotel dripping pudding on the floor he should expect ridicule and backlash.

So I guess what I'm saying is, what you do is your business, where you do it can make it everyone else's . So party naked, but at home please......

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Jen Jordan said...

So, um, who do you have in mind with this butterscotch pudding fantasy? The curry does really ruin the whole flavor sensation.