May 7, 2009

Crimespree Magazine issue 30

Our five year anniversary issue, #30 will be dropping in the mail next week. There's lots of Crimespree goodness packed in this one.

Mark Billingham Interview
Top Ten Research List by Gregg Hurwitz
Fiction: DEAR DIARY by Jack Kilborn
Shooting the Dead by Blake Crouch
A Visit to Bath by Margot Justes
Near Disaster at an Ultra-Marathon Race by Jamie Freveletti
Cover Story JOHN CONNOLLY Interview by Jen Jordan
Ayo Onatade
The Jersey Boys by Jeff Cohen and Chris Grabenstein
Footprints: John Creasey by Ruth Jordan
Jack Kilborn Interview
Justin Shady interview
Getting Above it All by David Morrell
Michael Connelly Interview
Craig’s Joint
Crime and Idiocy presented by Jen Jordan
Dialogue with Declan
Fiction: On The Threshold of Death by Raymond Benson
Power of Fans by Seth Heywood
Reed Farrel Coleman
Spencer-Fleming for Hire
Sunshine and Crime by Michael Lister
Young Adult: Genre Crossing by Amy Alessio
Eye On Hollywood
DVD Reviews
Buzz Bin
Book Reviews
Crimespree on Comics
Jerry Ordway Interview
Cooking with Crimespree With Russell McLean

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Crimespree Magazine


TiedGame said...

Congratulations on your 30th issue. That's a fine achievement these days. I've been reading the magazine since early on and I hope you won't take what I'm going to write in the wrong way because I do believe Crimespree to be a valuable publication in the crime fiction world. However, because of the layout, it is very difficult to read. For example, most paragraphs aren't indented, which sometimes results in columns of dense text. Since this style has been used since the beginning of the publication, it must be a decision on the part of the layout person to use it, but it certainly detracts from the excellence of the fine articles, stories and reviews. I would hope you would be able to find someone to help bring the layout up to the caliber of the content of Crimespree.

Ayo Onatade said...

I can't wait!!!!!