May 2, 2009

Special Feature- Five For Summer

Turning Five is as we said remarkable. Turning five in this economy brilliant. This past week has been spent in New York City. The week was capped off by the annual Edgar Awards and Crimespree founders Ruth & Jon Jordan had a wonderful time.

The main part of the stay was a series of face to face meetings with various publishing houses. Least any of you are worried know that the enthusiasm of the editors and publicists we met with has not diminished even a tad. And it's given us an idea.

Exclusive to the web and as part of our birthday celebration we're going to interview 5 authors with books just out we don't feel should be missed by our fellow readers over the summer. We'll publish one a week for the next five weeks and help you pack for that summer vacation, enjoy that day in the lounge chair or even, snatch a few moments away from the daily grind....

Up first, Mr. Greg Rucka.

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