Jun 23, 2009


You’ve been to the gas pump and the price is still hovering at 50 dollars a tank and not the seventy you’ve been afraid of. Spring was cold with the only advantage being those gas and electric bills were low despite increased cost. Fresh produce is here and that means the grocery bills have taken a dip. What am I getting at? Well, none of us have extra money right now, but for those of us who’ve planned out how much we’re going to need, it almost feels like there’s a surplus flowing (at least and heaven forbid until the truck says I’ve had enough). So buy a book. Did you pick up the Connelly or the Child yet? Are you caught up with Sookie Stackhouse? Last week hubby picked up the Entertainment Weekly, looked at the best sellers and declared, “Holy S8#t, look at this list, It’s true when all goes to pot, people turn to the Crime Novel.”

But go beyond that best seller list, help create a strong sales base for a great book.

TREAT YOURSELF; Out this week is TRUST NO ONE by Gregg Hurwitz. Jon gave you his opinion right here and my review is in the magazine for all to see. Those of you who know of my penchant for this writer may be going what else do you recommend Ruth? Ready to move on. But let me say again, a writer I’ve loved from the beginning has hit a stride. The story is about a man who’s been escaping his past for half a life time. Full of politics, terrorist threats, a “non” love story, and a past that may not be as it seems, Hurwitz plays every chord and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it. This book, is for me, like Rankin’s BLACK BOOK, Lippman’s SUGARHOUSE. When I read it months’ ago I facebooked and people agreed, Hurwitz has hit the mainstream while remaining true to himself as a writer.
Get Trust No One

And now you can get a signed copy of Greg Rucka’s WALKING DEAD. He’s been on an abbreviated tour, due entirely to the economy. Go to his website for a list of bookstores with signed copies. This book sits with me still and for anyone who loves a great mystery is a must book.
Get Walking Dead

Also, if you’re a Jeffrey Deaver fan and even if you’re not ROADSIDE CROSSES is a must read. I’m always wary of saying, “It’s my favorite in forever” but if you’re a Deaver fan you’ll understand. His books hit different points and in this book about the blogosphere he peppers information with a great mystery in perfect proportions.
Get Roadside Crosses

Once again I’ll mention the Adrian McKinty’s FIFTY GRAND. Here’s a writer with chops to spare. This book, about a murder in Colorado and its international repercussions will win over anyone not already a fan.

Get Fifty Grand

And I’ve been working on a piece about Elaine Viets for two months now. Why isn’t it done? Well, every time I get stuck in my “article” I pick up another book. For those of you who like a great cozy, everything this woman has written is outstanding. Pick up her newest, KILLER CUTS and visit the blog again, I should get this article done before too much longer. I only have three books...
Get Killer Cuts: A Dead-End Job Mystery

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Jen Forbus said...

Love this list! A quality mystery reading list for the summer.