Jun 17, 2009

Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Volume 26

Well, it's at an end, this wraps up the archive series for The Spirit by Will Eisner. This final hardbound collection has everything from 1952 to 2005.

After the strip stopped running in 1952 it looked as though that was it, but like his character Denny Colt, The Spirit, Will Eisner and his creation did not lie down and softly into that sweet night go. Eisner's creation was in a number of homes, one of the most notables was Kitchen Sink Press, but also had two issues at harvey comics. Volume 26 has the last of the original stories, a mother load of semi finished pieces and a lot, I mean A LOT of great comics covers. There are also a nice selection of pieces done for various publications including the overstreet guide.Coming in at 252 pages this is a fitting end to the run of Archived editions. And I think I can safely say that if for some reason you are not a huge fan of this man's work already, this is a perfect book to introduce you to the genius that is Will Eisner.

The fact that DC has gone and published 26 volumes of this work, plus a number of related titles shows how much they love what they do. There is a reason this man has an award named after him. The work holds up, it looks great and is still great reading.

Treat yourself and pick this up.
And maybe treat yourself a lot and get some of the earlier volumes too!
And I would also check out Darwyn Cooke's run on The Spirit as well.

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