Oct 11, 2009

American On Purpose - Craig Ferguson

I picked up this book the week it came out. It is really a gem. Ferguson talks about his life matter of factly and doesn't pretty it up for the book.

Reading of his childhood and his first times drinking made me think back to similar experiences of my own. In fact a lot of the book had some scary parallels for me. I was born a year after Craig, and quit drinking a year after he did. And while my experiences with drugs and booze were different they were also very similar. I also found that drugs were really just a way to drink more. And while I stopped drugs long before I quit drinking, I also got professional help to get sober.

Craig Ferguson is an extremely funny man. He is also very warm and genuine. After reading the book there is more insight into this. He is honest and genuine and that's why he is the success that he is now. His genuine affection for his friends, for the US and his family come through and you know it's the way he really feels.

I've always enjoyed his work, and after reading this book I have loads more respect for the man, which I am sure would embarrass him.

Thank you Mr. Ferguson for being who you are.

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