Oct 19, 2009

Audio Book Review: VOID MOON

Cassie Black has worked hard to put her criminal past behind her. The night she was arrested, her life changed in more ways than one. A job went bad and Cassie lost the love of her life. fter serving time in prison, she now sells Porches to the Hollywood crowd. She fights the itches and urges of her past and stays on the straight and narrow.

But there is one thing from her past she can't let go of: her child. She gave birth in prison and put her baby up for adoption. She knows where the child lives and keeps an eye on her. When she hears that the family is moving to Paris, Cassie is forced into action. Her plan: Find one score that will allow her and her child to live comfortably in the Bahamas.

So starts Void Moon. Over the course of several days, Cassy finds herself confronting people from her past, people that are responsible for the collapse of her previous life. Events lead her to Vegas, a city she vowed never to revisit, and to the very casino that was the setting for the most painful experience of her life.

Connelly is a master storyteller. He creates memorable characters that still real enough that you can imagine them living around you. In Void Moon, he does a nice job of mixing characters and plot, not letting one dominate the other. The ending is a bit convoluted, but not enough to hurt the overall quality of the tale.

L. J. Ganser does a fine job here. His voice never grated, truth be told, I did not think about him at all and was able to focus solely on the story. A quality that I like in an audio book. He puts the story front and center.

Michael Connelly is a true mystery icon. His characters are always engaging and Void Moon is no exception. Fans of crime fiction will enjoy meeting Casie, Karch and company.

Jeremy Lynch

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