Mar 12, 2011

A week in wisconsin

So, the state of Wisconsin is reading like a Ferrigno novel. That's my tie-in to mystery. Those of us who read in this genre are looking upon what's happening in WI with a certain sense of awe. How do two branches of government ignore the Constitution and get away with it?As a life long Democrat, I am not letting my elected officials off of the hook on this one.

The time has come in American politics where we need to re-evaluate what we expect when we cast our ballots on election day. My expectations have never changed. I want the person I voted for to REPRESENT ME for the next two or four years. Government has become farcical. Because it's money with a capital M that gets you there. Do you realize that for a Republican to win the White-house in 2112 it will take a three BILLION dollar buy-in? Those are the projections.

I believe that is a part of the current GOP strategy. I believe WI is a victim. Also Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.....
Little state, no one on either coast really knows where it is.... let's shut down their funding.... see if we can get away with it. On the other side the Dems, like Cinderella's sisters are running around, "how do we make the shoe fit?"

On a global scale what's happening in Wisconsin is irrelevant. Except it really isn't. Wisconsin has been a proud member of these United States. Electing populists, socialists and Unitarians to its electorate. One of the founders of the contemporary Republican party, the links to the Democratic party have been beyond strong since the Kohler strike in the 1930s. Last fall Kohler cast out the union to preserve jobs and a way of life. Proving, one more time, the old adage, "those who forget history.."

And we are forgetting history. Representatives leaving under the cloak of night (where no one but the news affiliates can find them), and others, of another "party" staying behind and adapting a policy with no discourse save their leader's.
I didn't elect the people I elected to pull this crap, nor do I believe that anyone looking into the future wanted the "Walker" policies to occur as they did. There has to be a bad taste in the mouth that this bill was nee of and came to life from the fact that American politics are now dictated by the almighty dollar of re-election.
What has happened in Wisconsin will prove to be either a footnote in history or the time when individuals gave up their right to be represented by government. What has happened here in the last week is unconstitutional, abhorrent and all about the money....

It's the year of a Presidential election. No Republican has the funding to rock Obama. But.... if the unions are fighting lawsuits in multiple states and unable to fund a campaign for the presidency ... all the better.
Me? I simply want what my forefathers affirmed. A country where the people who you elected to office were represented in a discourse amongst great minds. I see no great minds in Wisconsin right now. Run for the border or tell people what's best for them. Both are bad. Destroying the only voice the middle class truly has left is worse. One Big Union! Except I now shun the money. As did a great Wisconsin politician, Russ Feingold. Look where it got him?

So if we can all pull up our bootstraps, shut this down. HERE. Make it messy and hold people accountable. I believe in debate. I believe in Unions. I believe a unity amongst men where we realize that the equality of wages and benefits has more to do with the individual and their work history than with their sex, age, experience, or school. The right PERSON for the right job. Are Unions still there? Yet another question for this debate.
Still I feel we've given up as a people. Even those picketing, theorizing, and vocalizing. We've seen American ingenuity become American gross product. We've seen schools give up liberal arts programs for the football team. We've seen people pull away from ideals with threat of foreclosures. The American dream has come close to strangling us. But no matter what the outside or interior threats may be, we owe it to ourselves as a people to demand that the people representing us in Government (local,state.federal,judicial) know what we believe and what we want them to do for us, the voter.


Judy Bobalik said...

Didn't Walker run on what he just did?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I agree with everything you wrote--and so eloquently. These are hard times indeed. And a lot of the people who voted these maniacs into office will suffer the most at their hands. And they will vote for them again.

Kevin Burton Smith said...

Scary times indeed.

Even for this non-union Canadian refugee out in California.

The fear of unions and socialism is built on a foundation of lies, deceitful propaganda and ignorance. I'm from pro-labour Quebec, and I know very well what too-powerful unions are capable of. But I've seen what lack of unions can do, too, and that's really far more scary.

And what this crap about teachers can't be part of unions but firefighters and cops can? Does fairness only extend to those who stand up to pee?

Yeah, Canada, the "Godless socialist nightmare" at our border. No country's perfect, and certainly Canada has its faults, but in general Canadians live longer, make the same money, owe less, enjoy more freedoms and less crime. Oh, and their banks aren't collapsing, and they've made Celine Dion live in Vegas.

Not bad for a bunch of hoseheads.