Apr 21, 2006

Bouchercon - Madison MADCITY BABY!!

Bouchercon 2006 in Madison Wisconsin.

First a bit about Madison, skip down for the pitch on the convention

Madison is home of the University of Wisconsin Madison and has been rated one of the top ten college party towns by Playboy. This means funs stuff to do people! Being a University town this big also means smart people, and smart people do cool things.

Like eat at really good restaraunts, and Madison has tons of them. Check out this Madison Dining Guide. And heres A List of Madison Dining Guides

They also have one of the best micro breweries in the county.
New Glarus Brewery was around right before I sobered up and I still rember loving their beer. Everyone who comes to our house has had a chance to try it. It will be even better in Madison.

Madison also has a lot of bookstores. Here's A List of Madison Bookstore and Another List of Madison Bookstores And don't forget the mystery bookstore, Booked for Murder (profiled in Crimespree #1!)

Nightlife!??!!! Hell Yes!!!
Madison Bars LIVE MUSICPubs

Voted by Forbes Magazine a the best Metro place for business.
Even More stuff about Madison!

The end of September will be perfect weather, not too hot, maybe a lit jacket and you're good to go. The leaves will be turning and it will be beautiful.
Does Madison rock?! Check this out

The new Bouchercon Madison website will be up and running soon. Despite rumors, everything is under control. There is no Madison Home Game that weekend, there are still hotel rooms near the host hotel. Madison doesn't have a single hotel big enough, but they are close and it's easy to get around and warm enough to walk.

The people who are putting on this years convention (UNPAID VOLUNTEERS), are working hard.
The ladies heading up the panel are starting to contact people who have registered about the panels they want to do.
The goodie bags are already shaping up too.
Once Big Al Abramson has he will be in contact with people. Keep in mind, that Al took over as the lead on this very late last year. He's doing just fine and this will be a great convention.
have never been to a Bouchercon where I didn't have fun, and with this city for a backdrop there is no way to lose. ROBERT PARKER! NEVADA BARR! MC BEATON! WILLIAM KENT KRUEGER! They have a specail guest for every reading taste.

So let's look at this seriously.
This is going to be a great convention. And it's not to late to volunteer to help out and make it even better. And if you are just going to attend and enjoy, goovy, you will have a great time. Trust me.

One last reason to go? Hey, My Mom's coming!


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Did I mention this is going to be a great Bouchercon?

Sandra Ruttan said...

It will be a great BoucherCon. For one thing, TRIBE will be there!

And Jon's mom.

Now, I just need to book a hotel. I really should do that today...

Anonymous said...

Madison is a very nice city. It should be a great time.
Come to the midwest and see us!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Madison, but I hear they have a great publishing scene.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

And they have Roller Derby!!