Apr 1, 2006

DVD releases for April 4th

We start off April with some nice titles. Picture of the year Crash has 2-disc set that is quite nice. One of my favorite films of my early teens, Blue Thunder, is now out with some extras. While it is not a great film, it has held up surprisingly well over the last two decades. In addition to these, MCA has put out seasons of A-Team, Knight Rider and Magnum P.I. Gotta love the 80s. Check out the reviews for some of these titles than be found in other posts here on Crime Central.
Jeremy Lynch
Entertainment Editor.

Apr 4th
A-Team: Season 4
(1985-86) George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T. Three-disc set, $49.98 Extras: The Great '80s Flashback. (MCA)
Buy A-Team Season Four Here
Blue Thunder: The Special Edition
(1983) Dir.: John Badham; Roy Scheider, Malcolm McDowell, Daniel Stern $19.94 Extras: Commentary by Badham, the film's editor and the film's motion control supervisor; "Ride With the Angels" making-of featurette; "The Special" building the Blue Thunder helicopter featurette; 1983 promotional featurette. (Sony).
Buy Blue Thunder Here
Crash Special Edition
(2005) Dir.: Paul Haggis; Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, William Fichtner, Brendan Fraser, Terrence Howard, Ludacris, Thandie Newton, Ryan Phillippe, Larenz Tate, Tony Danza. Two-disc set, $26.98. Extras: Introduction by writer-director Paul Haggis, commentary by Haggis and Cheadle, deleted scenes, "Behind the Metal and Glass" making-of featurette, featurette on Haggis, "L.A. - The Other Main Character" featurette, "Unspoken" featurette, music montages, script-to-screen comparisons, storyboard-to-screen comparisons, Bird York "In the Deep" music video. (Lionsgate).
Buy Crash The Special Edition here
(2005) Dir: Chris Fisher; Cuba Gooding jr., Clifton Collins jr., Cole Hauser. $24.96 Extras: Commentary with Director Chris Fisher and Cinematographer Eliot Rocket, Deleted Scenes, "Gettin' Dirty" Premiere featurette, Skateboarding/Breakdancing featurette, "Chump" Music Video by OH NO. (Sony)
Buy Dirty here
Knight Rider: Season Four
(1985-86) David Hasselhoff. Three-disc set, $49.98 Extras: The Great '80s Flashback, K.I.T.T. Blueprints (MCA)
Buy Kight Rider here
Magnum P.I. Season four
(1983-84) Tom Seleck Three-disc set, $49.98 Extras: The Great '80s Flashback. (MCA)
See Review on this Blog
Buy Magnum PI Season 4 here

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